Stacked Layer Cakes

These beautiful cakes are our speciality, their tall elegance makes them a stunning centerpiece for any celebration; Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, Christenings, Anniversaries, Special Achievements and Corporate Cakes.

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Each cake is three layers to make them that extra bit taller than you will find in any "off the shelf" store, filled generously and covered in chocolate ganache before the final covering of your choice. Our cakes can be coated in either luscious belgian chocolate ganache, chocolate ciggarellos, sugarpaste or Italian meringue buttercream, decorated with delicate handmade sugar flowers, modelled figures or piped detailing.

Taking inspiration from your celebration every cake is designed to your specification, we will walk you through the design process to find something that will make a stunning centre piece to compliment your theme perfectly.

Our Standard cake flavours are listed below, most can be made as either layer cakes or cupcakes.

Dark Chocolate Mud - Made with Dark Belgium Chocolate, a bit of coffee to add depth to the flavour and just for good measure some cocoa powder as well. Its dark, intense and WILL for fill any chocolate craving.

White Chocolate Mud - A sister to the Dark Choc Mud, Sweeter and lighter in flavour but still with the same satisfying smooth texture.

Lemon Cake - A zingy Lemon cake made with a fresh lemon zest and Juice. Fragrant and refreshing.

Lemon & Ginger - Some say a unusual combination but this is so good. It's my personal favourite. The Ginger just takes the edge off the lemon making it sweet without loosing the lemon flavour or fragrance. Studded with crystallised ginger and lemon zest.

Golden Butter - Rich and moist, a wonderful canvas for your favourite filling.

Orange Butter - This cake IS summer. It just makes you smile, it smells amazing and tastes even better. Cut a big juicy orange in half, close your eyes and let the zesty smell carry you away to summer days... that is this cake. Moist, light and tasting of summer.

Carrot Cake - To ease the guilt of the health conscious, so delicious even the chocoholics won't be complaining. Ours has more carrots than anything else in the recipe (No token single carrots her for appearances sake, we have to grate a lot of carrot for this one, a lot!) With sultanas, cinnamon and walnuts, you won't feel so guilty about going back for seconds.

Red Velvet - The all American classic. A lovely light cake with just a subtle chocolate flavour. It is definitely worthy of being a classic.

Orange and Almond Cake Dairy & Gluten free! - It's OK you don't have to pretend to have a dietary need to order this one, we'll bake it for anyone. Sharing cake joy is what it is all about and this one is definitely a joy bringer. Its lovely and moist and flavoursome and you will cut it into small pieces to give out to ensure there's plenty left for you!

Traditional Fruit Cake - The way you like it. As long as you give us enough notice you can have your fruit cake the way you like it, Love cherries, we can add extra, or are nuts your thing? The more notice the better, 3 months will allow us to "feed" your cake with run or Brandy and let it mature in its own time.

Seasonal Special - Watch out for our seasonal special, we take the flavours of the season and put them in a glorious cake. Current Flavour: Cinnamon spiced apple.

Depending on the size of cake you require, if you having a stacked cake you may wish to have more than one flavour. Let us know how many people you need to feed and we can guide you on cake sizes.

Can't decide on Cake or Cupcakes? Have both! You will see in our gallery that more and more people are opting for this, you still get to have your candles in a gorgeous little cake (and keep that fella for yourself to have the next day!!) whilst being able to hand out beautiful cupcakes to all your guests, so they get their own little portion of perfection too!

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